Berkes works with world-class grates manufacturers for the design and execution of its projects.

As part of the collaboration, we include in the projects the engineering, design and manufacture of several types of grills specially selected for each application.

• Rotating - air-cooled
• Vibrating - water-cooled
• Reciprocating - air-cooled
• Fixed tilted - water-cooled

Fossil fuel

With the growing energy demand, fossil fuels are still a current resource. The market with increasing demands at the environmental level, the efficient and responsible use of them is increasingly important.

In Berkes we offer special boiler alternatives, based on fossil fuels, focused on maximum efficiency and high emission control.

Eckrohrkessel design

Berkes is a licensee of the German company Eckrohrkessel, which specialises in the design of water-tube and thermal fluid boilers.

We manufacture our boilers under ERK designs and incorporate them into the various combustion systems in our portfolio to create complete installations.

The ERK corner-dome water-tube design features natural circulation, a self-supporting, robust construction and low response time to load changes.

The type of construction uses little refractory material and requires low maintenance costs.

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