Management policy

At Berkes our aim is to be a benchmark company in all our areas of activity. To this end, we base our management policy on meeting the needs of the client, respecting the rules and legal requirements that apply to our activities. We contribute our capabilities and those of our suppliers to achieve quality products and services, client satisfaction and the benefit of our shareholders.

At Berkes we aim to be a company where everyone wants to work, and as an integral part of society, we seek the well-being, development and safety of our employees and workers, since, behind our outstanding performance in the creation and application of multidisciplinary engineering lies the talent, commitment and dedication of all our members.

For Berkes, the health and physical integrity of our workers is one of our most valuable assets. For this reason, the company's resources are aimed at detecting the risks that threaten the integrity of its workers and/or material goods, and taking actions to prevent and eliminate such risks, while striving to ensure that each task is carried out in suitable conditions of safety and hygiene, with the underlying principle that "all accidents can be prevented".

Our company is committed to continuous improvement as a key tool for the implementation of Our Policy.

Quality Certificates

In accordance with its management policy, Berkes complies with the highest international standards of manufacturing and quality.

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