The founder of the company Mr. Julio Berkes

Our history

Berkes has been accumulating experience in the field of engineering since 1939. Its founder, Mr. Julio Berkes, was totally committed to his work. He was a man who took pride in what he did and knew how to transmit this feeling to those around him, while giving great importance to innovation. These values were inherited by successive generations and have remained intact to this day.  

In 1972 Julio Berkes entrusted the continuity of his company to three entrepreneurs, Mr. Walter Barreto, Mr. Jorge Pivel and Mr. Hugo Gastelumendi, who he saw to have the same commitment to quality and service. The three of them as a team opened up new horizons for the company, creating new technologies for the efficient and clean combustion of biomasses. This second generation ventured into the implementation of power generation projects and managed to turn Berkes into a leader in the use of biomass for energy generation.  

Since 1996 the company has been run by the third generation; a team of engineers and professionals, to whom the three partners entrusted the legacy. The new generation has turned Berkes into a multidisciplinary engineering business group with projects all over the world, which continues to make inroads into new technologies and markets. Today, the organisation is made up of an experienced team of professionals, technicians and operators with extensive knowledge and proven responsibility; a staff of more than 70 engineers of all specialities and more than 1,100 employees. The group is in continuous expansion and is positioned as one of the leading companies in Latin America and a benchmark in Europe.

Our commitment today is to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions in each of our four divisions: ENERGY, CONSTRUCTION, INDUSTRY and ELECTRICITY. Just as when the company was founded, our aim is still to offer the service and quality for which we have always been known and which continues to characterise us today.

"Things Done Right"

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