Taking advantage of our experience in the development of biomass projects around the world, Berkes has expanded its capacity to provide solutions in solar, wind and biogas power.

Supported by the electrical and assembly areas of our company, Berkes implements all its potential in the electromechanical assembly of this type of project, maintaining the level of excellence in our service that our clients are used to receiving.

Today, power generation is highly diverse and the use of natural resources is very important, especially at an industrial level. We are therefore here to provide support and solutions to world-class companies, as we have done for so many years.


Inexhaustible and renewable; solar energy is obtained by harnessing the light or heat of the sun. It can be used for power generation or heat production, using panels or mirrors.

Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity by the so-called photoelectric effect, by which certain materials are able to absorb photons - light particles - and release electrons, generating an electric current.

Berkes, through its Electrical and Energy divisions, is taking advantage of its presence in different countries to work in the area of mechanical and electrical assemblies, providing services to investors or developers for optimal implementation.


Berkes Energy, supported by the company's electrical and engineering division, offers its know-how in electromechanical assemblies to support companies in this field.

With a qualified and experienced team, we offer our capacity to plan and implement the activities required for the proper execution of the work.


The production of biogas by anaerobic decomposition is a useful way of treating biodegradable waste, as it produces a valuable fuel, as well as generating an effluent that can be applied as a soil conditioner or generic fertiliser.

Both in industries and in wastewater treatment plants, its application is advantageous for the generation of power using the gas produced. Berkes' alliance with first-class companies enables us to provide an efficient and proven solution for the implementation of this type of energy generation projects.

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